Hrrghfff witches rrghh must kill arghhffhh
Hiimdaisy comic archive

In light of Gigi D.G. dismantling her photobucket account in light of not caring about it any more, I took it upon myself to collect some of her former comics from her hiimdaisy account and put them in an organized location.

I got these ones archived, at least:

Zak Gramayre is a jerk

The King of Hyrule is a Jerk

Let’s Destroy Metal Gear!

Let’s Destroy Metal Gear Again!

Let’s Destroy the Shagohod!

Let’s Destroy the Fox Unit!

Assorted Metal Gear Solid Bonus Comics

The Great Big Long Persona 4 Comic

Mother 3 Comics

Assorted Ace Attorney Comics


Professor Layton

Some of her older work is still missing, and if any of you have a good quality source for them, I would very much appreciate if you could link me to it.

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